A double interview episode featuring conversations with Sharky Sian, organiser of the Cornwall OWLS group, and with Kathy King from Wild Wonder and Wisdom.

Recorded on location at Porthpean Beach in Cornwall, the conversations cover community building, using swimming to cope with illness, the Polar Bear Challenge, and using open water swimming as a component of working with young people.

Episode Topics  

  • Episode introduction [0:45]
  • Sharky Sian and Cornwall OWLS [2:40]
  • Sian’s inspiration [3:40]
  • Physical Benefits [5:30]
  • Emotional Benefits [10:50]
  • Preparing for the Polar Bear Challenge [12:20]
  • Advice for New Swimmers [20:10]
  • Kathy King [26:00]
  • The Wildness Weekend [26:30]
  • Wild Wonder and Wisdom [27:00]
  • How Kathy started swimming [32:40]
  • Kathy’s favourite swims [38:00]

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