Katie Richards is a cold water swimmer based in Newquay, Cornwall. In this entertaining and informative conversation we discuss the growth of the activity in and around Cornwall, the community that has developed around it, the Newquay Bluetits Chill Swimmers, and the benefits swimming in the sea brings her physically, mentally and emotionally.

Episode Topics

  • Episode introduction [0.40]
  • Why swimming? [4.20]
  • Starting a Group of Swimmers [8.30]
  • The energy of the group [13.44]
  • Pat’s first swim [16.40]
  • The freedom of having few rules [20.00]
  • The psychological and emotional benefits of sea swimming [23.00]
  • Swimming for Charity [35.30]
  • “The Twelve Bays of Christmas” [42.45]
  • Katie’s conclusion [51.25]
  • Pat’s Episode summing up [54.05]

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