Pippa Best from Sea Soul Blessings joins Pat Kelman today for a wide-ranging conversation about the experience of connecting emotionally and spiritually with the water. 

Topics covered in this episode

  • Episode introduction [0.44]
  • Pippa’s background [3.00]
  • Pippa’s start in sea swimming [4.10]
  • The first time experience [6.05]
  • The sea gives you what you need [9.00]
  • Losing self-consciousness [12.00]
  • The origin of Sea Soul Blessings [17.00]
  • Being connected with nature [27.40]
  • Pippa shares a Sea Soul Blessing with us [29.25]
  • Pippa’s advice for first time cold swimmers [32.35]
  • How to find Pippa [35.17]
  • Pat’s Episode conclusion and news [36.45]

Resources mentioned in the episode

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