Episode Notes

Sarah Kennedy Norquoy is the author of the swimming memoir “Salt On My Skin”, and she joins Pat Kelman in a compelling and entertaining conversation about cold water swimming, the process of writing, and processing emotion and grief. 

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Topics in the episode

  • Episode introduction  [1.15]
  • Sarah introduces herself and how she started cold water swimming [2.50]
  • The experience of being in nature [7.45]
  • Starting a new life in Orkney [9.45]
  • Connecting with community [16.50]
  • Body Acceptance [20.35]
  • The origin of the book [24.50]
  • Self Publishing and her mother’s reaction to the book [30.30]
  • Swimming tips [33.55]
  • How to find Sarah [36.00]
  • Episode wrap up [38.00]

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