This episode explores finding unusual lake and river spaces for cold water swimming with Laura Godtschalk, from “landlocked Leicester”.

In this conversation we talk about finding those unusual swimming spots and how to make sure you’re swimming safely. We also take a detour into sea swimming with seals, and how in Australia seals are a great way to detect the presence of sharks!

We also hear this week’s “Review of the Week”

Episode Topics  

  • Episode introduction [0:45]
  • How Laura got into Swimming [2:40]
  • The draw of the water [4:20]
  • Stanton Lake [7:00]
  • Connecting with nature  [10:50]
  • Finding somewhere safe to swim [12:50]
  • That “cold whoosh” feeling [16:00]
  • Water to help recover from injury [23:00]
  • Floating [27:00]
  • Seals and Sharks?! [30:30]
  • Advice for Starting Out [34:45]
  • Finding Laura [36:50]
  • Closing remarks [37:45]

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