In this inspirational and exciting episode Pat Kelman is joined by Business Coach and cross-channel swimmer Claire Brumby. During a far-ranging conversation they talk about confidence, breaking out of comfort zones, swimming in a relay team from Dover to Calais, and Pat comes to terms with allowing listeners to hear more of “him” in the conversations.


We also hear a letter from a listener in Minnesota and our Review of the Week.

Episode Topics  

  • Episode introduction [0:45]
  • Listener’s Letters [2:45]
  • Review of the Week [4.55]
  • Claire’s start in cold water swimming [5.50]
  • First experience out of a wetsuit [9:20]
  • Getting out of our comfort zones [17:50]
  • Pat’s podcast “existential crisis”[20:20]
  • Recapturing the feelings  [25:25]
  • Swimming the Channel [28:00]
  • What the experience has done for Claire [38:35]
  • Contacting Claire [43:00]

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